[vlc-devel] Bug in filter_NewPicture()?

Laurent Aimar fenrir at elivagar.org
Sun Jan 9 22:01:46 CET 2011


On Sun, Jan 09, 2011 at 06:46:43PM +0200, Juha Jeronen wrote:
> I think I've found a bug. The function filter_NewPicture() (which just  
> calls p_filter->pf_video_buffer_new), when called from the deinterlacer,  
> seems to sometimes return pictures which have their p_next member filled  
> with random data. The deinterlacer doesn't guard against this.
> When such pictures are released (deleted), FilterDeletePictures() (in  
> src/misc/filter_chain.c) passes the nonsense pointer to Release() in  
> src/misc/picture_pool.c when it's freeing the linked list. If my reading  
> of the source is correct, this situation may either cause a segfault,  
> trigger the assert failure I mentioned or corrupt memory silently.
 Should be fixed (by [e2ec60cea8b4b9a0afd8b3b3f5517aa5e7657fbb] and
> For some unknown reason, this problem seems to occur only if  
> private_picture in src/video_output/vout_wrapper.c is larger than 3.
> If I protect against nonsense p_next in the deinterlacer, setting p_next  
> to NULL manually for pictures that shouldn't have one, the assert  
> failure stops happening.
> If I instead assert - after calling filter_NewPicture() - that p_next is  
> NULL before I write anything there, I get the occasional assert failure  
> from my own assert under exactly the circumstances that used to cause  
> the picture_pool.c assert failure. I think this is sufficient to confirm  
> that the problem indeed is what I suspect it to be.
> I think there are two main options to fix the problem:
> 1) Change the video buffer allocator (wherever it's actually  
> implemented) to initialize the memory it returns.
> 2) Define memory initialization as the caller's problem (like malloc()  
> does), and fix everything that calls filter_NewPicture().
> Which do you guys think is preferable?
> Thanks for bearing with me ;)
>  -J
> P.S. In other news, I fail at error handling. I'll post an updated soft  
> field repeat patch soon.
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