[vlc-devel] MobileVLCKit and the App Store

Kaarlo Räihä kaarlo.raiha at gmail.com
Mon Jan 10 12:44:15 CET 2011

2011/1/10 Rune Botten <rbotten at gmail.com>

> VLC was recently removed from the App Store because of licensing issues.
> From what I understand it was the VLC core devs who wanted it removed, not
> Apple.

AFAIK since VLC is GPL code, Videolan cannot ask the removal in copyright
sense (there are only copyleft in GPL). And since VLC was submitted to App
Store by Applidium (not by Videolan), Videolan cannot remove it that way
either. And since I haven't heard about any trademark dispute related to
this, only option is that Apple processed the GPL complains it received and
chose to remove the programs so it avoids any legal problems related to

> I am left with some questions as we are currently developing a free, open
> source TV application for iPad using MobileVLCKit.
> WIll all further usage of MobileVLCKit in applications destined for the App
> Store be in violation of the GPL in the core devs opinion?
> Are the core devs demanding all apps using MobileVLCKit be removed from the
> App Store, or is the "official" app being removed to prove a point regarding
> the App Store?
> Why are you maintaining MobileVLCKit in the core repo if it is unwanted?
> I guess this move kills our project, and I suspect I already know the
> answers to these questions.
> But in any case I'd like to get a clear statement from the core devs
> regarding MobileVLCKit and what its accepted use is.
> Thanks in advance
> /Rune
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