[vlc-devel] 'Motion Detection Video Filter' Setting

Vikas Nakil vikas.nakil at hotmail.com
Wed Jul 20 11:24:33 CEST 2011

hello frnds, In vlc 0.9.2, i have enabled the motion detection video setting,it works gr8.
but while playing video it show the moving rectangle which is an effect of that 'motion detection video setting'.
Is there any way to hide that moving rectangle on video without disabling that 'Motion Detection Video Filter'.
Or is there any other option to view the videos without that moving rectangle(i.e motion vectors).I hope you understood my problem ..?
Waiting for ur positive reply ,thanks in advance.

Q2. i have another probem,
in 0.9.2 version,in setting motion detection ,i used this style : 
':video-filter=motion' ---------works gr8 on 0.9.2,
but it doesnt wrk on any above version,
i even tried '--video-filter=motion' ,'-video-filter=motion' -------- but none wrks... plss helps...i knw its very silly Question but i m really new to this vlc 		 	   		  
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