[vlc-devel] [VLC] #5132: unprecise slide bar

Dietrich Hoppe dietrich.hoppe at googlemail.com
Tue Jul 26 20:01:56 CEST 2011

Hi courmisch,

thank you for answering so quickly.

Unfortunately the files have about 1 to 3 GBytes  so that I cannot
mail you a sample, and you don't see the problem clearly showing short
files. The gap is only a few seconds with short videos wheras the gap
is 1 to 2 minutes at the end of videos of 1 to 2 hours duration.

I have the problem with all my .mpg and .avi files (TV-rips all), and
even with commercial DVDs e.g. HARRY_POTTER_HALF_BLOOD_PRINCE As I
could see, the time gap of the slider is negative at the beginning of
the video and positive at the end. Near the middle of the video the
time displayed is the same as the starting time.

I don't have this problem with "Media Player Classic", where it is not
possible to position the slider beyond the end of the video as it is
with VLC.

Should I extract some meta-data from the file, that may probably help
you (e.g. an index-file from AviDemux or ProjectX)?

What can I do to have the file correctly indexed for VLC in case it is not?

I'm using ProjectX and ImagoMPEG-Muxer.exe for demuxing and muxing the videos.

By the way:
This is an old problem. And there is a new one since 3 or 4 Versions ago:
Playing a play list or more than one video without restarting vlc.exe
you cannot position the slider near the end of the next file in one
step after having skipped the rest of the file before. You have to
position it to another location of the video first.


2011/7/26 VLC <trac at videolan.org>:
> #5132: unprecise slide bar
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> Changes (by courmisch):
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>  * milestone:  1.1.x maintenance => Bugs paradize
> Comment:
>  Hmm well this depends on how well the file is indexed. Precise seeking is
>  usually not possible at a reasonable computational and I/O transfer cost.
>  Can't say much without an actual sample.
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