[vlc-devel] Android patches

Dominique Martinet asmadeus at codewreck.org
Fri Jun 3 10:02:54 CEST 2011

Rémi Denis-Courmont wrote on Fri, Jun 03, 2011 :
> poll() is a system call on Linux, as are select(), pselect() and
> Linux-specific ppoll(). So mismatching calling convention is the only way
> that it wouldn't work is (in the broadest sense): wrong call number, wrong
> structure packing, wrong constant values, etc...

Yeah, this much I know, but after spending some time browsing bionic's
source, but the syscall number looks right for arm, all the constant
values I could find are the same as in glibc, the structure packaging is
the same... I really just can't see what's wrong.

I would normally do a test application that does just a simple poll to
check, but I'm not bored enough to bother when there's already another,
admitedly ugly, solution. (The problem is more than even if we find
what's wrong where, it'll take android devs some time to fix it and it
won't ever work on current devices anyway..)

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