[vlc-devel] [VideoLAN SoC] GSoC 2011: linux-minidisc netmd library

Adrian Glaubitz glaubitz at physik.fu-berlin.de
Sun Jun 12 13:54:17 CEST 2011

Hi Alexander,

On Jun 10, 2011, at 8:59 PM, Adrian Glaubitz wrote:

> On Jun 8, 2011, at 2:06 AM, Alexander Sulfrian wrote:
>> I now created a very little wiki page[1] and forked the git repository
>> of linux-minidisc on github[2]. If you have any questions, feel free to
>> contact me. You will find the necessary information on my wiki
>> userpage[3].
> I have put up a little more information to the wiki page you created at [1]
> for your GSoC task. I will provide more there during the
> weekend, so it will be clear for you what the primary tasks are
> and your guidance will be as good as possible :).

Provided a more detailed project guideline in our own linux-mindisc
wiki now [1], since I currently have problems with write access to the
VideoLAN wiki.

I think have included all necessary information and outlined a good and
feasible plan to achieve the goal of this GSoC task. I essentially elaborated
what I have been suggesting already earlier, which is basing the new
libnetmd on the old one back from 2004, getting it running on a modern
Linux distribution, testing it with the latest NetMD hardware available
(the MZ-RH1 is the last model ever made) and then finally extending
the old library with download (i.e. transfer TO the device) capabilities.

Since all NetMD devices support downloads, but only the MZ-RH1/200
support uploads, it is highly recommended to work on the implementation
of the download capabilities first. Everything you need to know is provided
either in our wiki or can be taken from the Python scripts source code. The
downloads with the Python scripts work quite good, despite the fact
that the code is rather hacky and experimental.

If there will be enough time left, you can also work on implementing
upload capabilities (i.e. transfer FROM the device). Since the upload
works without any encryption and requires only a few commands, the
implementation should be easy and straightforward once the downloads


[1] https://wiki.physik.fu-berlin.de/linux-minidisc/doku.php?id=portingnetmd

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