[vlc-devel] new LUA HTTP Interface Part 3

Rob rob at hobbyistsoftware.com
Fri Jun 17 15:42:56 CEST 2011

On Fri, 17 Jun 2011 03:35:50 +0100, Elminster2031  
<elminster2031 at archmageinc.com> wrote:

> 11) The playlist loads with the media library and is an output from
> playlist.xml, if it displays wrong, it isn't coming out of the xml
> right.
>  You're building an UI, not printing raw data.
> Think about people with long and/or many subdirs.
> Just suppress anything before the last '/' for the item entry and keep  
> the
> link as is.
>  My point is the xml output should be standardized. The UI should not  
> have to process pre-processed information.

This is displaying the name and path elements of the playlist item. On  
Windows, VLC formats name to be the last path component of path - minus  
the file extension. On Mac (and presumably other unix variants), name is  
equal to path.

I can clean this up in the playlist code after the new interface is  
committed, or alternatively someone else could clean it up at the source  

that'll keep the http interface simpler and non platform dependant.


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