[vlc-devel] new LUA HTTP Interface Part 3

Elminster2031 elminster2031 at archmageinc.com
Sat Jun 18 01:03:29 CEST 2011

> Le samedi 18 juin 2011, vous avez écrit :
>> > Error loading
>> > /requests/status.xml</h1><pre>lua/intf/modules/common.lua:146: bad
>> > argument #1 to 'set' (number expected, got string)
>> I see the problem in your video, but I have not been able to duplicate
>> this issue. Do you see the URI request? What is actually being sent?
> GET /requests/status.xml?command=volume&val=399.36 HTTP/1.1
> Line 52, a missing Math.round
> 	'val':(ui.value*5.12)

Odd, why is yours throwing an error on that and neither j-b nor I see  
it. Anyway, I added Math.round in Part 4, as the decimal adjustment is  
not necessary.

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