[vlc-devel] OpenGL stereo capabilities for libglwin32

Garry Keltie garry.keltie at rmit.edu.au
Tue Mar 1 05:17:13 CET 2011

> You don't have a choice really... If we were to merge your code to 1.1.7,
> it would be lost once 1.2.0 is released. Besides we most probably won't
> merge your code to 1.1.7 as it makes invasive changes to an existing
> plug-in, thus breaking our informal code freeze policy.
> In the end, I can only recommend cross-compiling with MingW, preferably
> with a Debian(-like) GNU/Linux installation. That's by far the most
> reliable method.

Ok, I'm trying again. Mingw/msys was working great for me with 1.1.7. 
Everything in one place and (trans)portable as I work on several 
different machines. I've also moved up to msys 1.0.15 to see if that 
helps. I'll start a new thread to see if I can work through my build issues.

> Other than that, I have a few concerns with the patch:

Great, thank you, exactly what I was looking for. As mentioned, a first 
cut. I am trying to understand slowly how it bolts together. Defining a 
separate plugin based on the one I have been modifying would be a next step.


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