[vlc-devel] live stream HD playback challenge - job offer

John Baaserud John.Baaserud at bazetechnology.com
Tue Mar 1 10:26:57 CET 2011

Dear VLC,

We need to contact person/s who can help us develop functionality for live stream HD playback.This describes our situation:

 *   We use VLC on ION and ION2.
 *   VAAPI and VDPAU-VIDEO installed (vlc and ffmpeg compiled with support for these)
 *   VLC (MPEG-4 TS h264 1080i50) no-ffmpeg-hw = 100% cpu, almost still picture (lots of lagging)
 *   VLC (MPEG-4 TS h264 1080i50) with ffmpeg-hw = 90%-100% cpu, lots of lag
 *   We have tested mplayer (MPEG-4 TS h264 1080i50) -vo vdpau = 2%-10% cpu, fine playback.

We are willing to hire/donate for developing a solution to this challenge. Please contact us as soon as possible for more information and introduction.

Best Regards
John Båserud
VP Products & Technology | MSc

t: +47 94 800 600
m: +47 92 08 36 08
f: +47 35 92 21 40
e: john.baaserud at bazetechnology.com<mailto:john.baaserud at bazetechnology.com>

Baze Technology AS
Postboks 1124
Herøya Industripark | Bygg 25
NO-3905 Porsgrunn | Norway

It’s all connected.

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