[vlc-devel] Documentation and system models for VLC

Francisco Gomes netojin at gmail.com
Fri Mar 4 14:53:17 CET 2011

Dear VLC development team

I am a PhD student from Federal University of Campina Grande in Brazil. My
research is in the field of Software Engineering. As part of my studies, I
am performing a research to identify which open sources application are
being developed using UML diagrams and models for their specification. On
that note, I am also investigating the level of quality of these models.

I was wondering if your application (VLC), would have any UML models
representing the system (e.g. use cases, activity diagrams, etc.). If you do
have the models for your application I would like to know if you could send
them to me, so I could assess their quality and, if that's ok for you,
report in my thesis. I've been concluding the number of open source
application that provides their respective UML models is still very low. It
is my belief that having (and providing) the UML models of your application
would give you a very positve visibility in both the industry and academic

I appreciate any cooperation provided in my work.

Thank you for your attention,
Francisco Neto.
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