[vlc-devel] [vlc-commits] Qt: menu: move advanced open.

Rémi Denis-Courmont remi at remlab.net
Sat Mar 26 10:22:19 CET 2011

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> > As I already said several times, we could probably remove "Paste
> > URL" and "Open Network Location". We could replace that with "Open
> > Location" right next to "Open File".
> Okay. But we probably want to keep the paste feature. So we would have
> two shortcuts for this dialog, one that pastes from the clipboard and
> one that doesn't?

You can use the clipboard as default value, or you can keep two menu entries to the same dialog (with a different default value).

> > But we need to keep in mind that a browser and a media player are
> > different beasts. The ratio of local to remote locations is probably
> > much higher in VLC usage than in Mozilla usage. As for new windows /
> > new
> > tabs, we don't do them in VLC.
> Speaking of which, why can't I access media from the playlist/media
> library from the Media menu?

Because nobody implemented a suitable SD view in dialogs.

> > I think we should remove the disc and capture items in favor of the
> > playlist/SD. We already have Disc SD on both Linux and Windows. For
> > capture, some more work is needed on the SD side.
> If you remove their open panels, how are you going to allow opening
> them with advanced inputs options?

What advanced options? Title selection is HARMFUL here, as already exemplified in my previous mail. For navigation, we have the navigation menu. Adding title/chapters as child nodes of the current playlist item would be an awesome bonus, but is not required. You can also use the context menu or the video menu for external subs.

> From the SD? Do you want to expand
> the corresponding disc items to show all tracks/chapters? How to select
> dvdsimple:// ?

All that stuff is aimed at automation, not at UI.
For the third time, it is confusing normal users rather than helping. Why oh why do they need to know whether a disc is a DVD or a CDDA?? Why does DVD stop after one chapter if they selected a chapter? This all makes sense in a .bat or a shell script that runs VLC unattended, not in the UI.

> What about capture devices with several input pins, are
> the individual pins going to be listed? Is this portable to dshow,
> where you call the system configuration panel of the driver to do that?

I did not claim that capture could be removed yet.

> While I somewhat agree, why don't you bring up the fact that network
> items should be acquired by the SD through SAP, Icecast... and files
> should just be browsed from the media directories SD and so on? What
> warrants the right to an open panel, or belonging in the SD?

That is evident. We cannot enumerate all network locations, and we should not enumerate all local files (due to I/O). However we can enumerate all discs, and we can probably enumerate all capture devices.

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