[vlc-devel] [vlc-commits] Qt: menu: move advanced open.

Pierre Ynard linkfanel at yahoo.fr
Sat Mar 26 23:32:19 CET 2011

> > If you remove their open panels, how are you going to allow opening
> > them with advanced inputs options?
> What advanced options?

Caching. Input slaves.

> Title selection is HARMFUL here, as already exemplified in my previous
> mail. For navigation, we have the navigation menu. [...] All that
> stuff is aimed at automation, not at UI. For the third time, it is
> confusing normal users rather than helping. Why oh why do they need to
> know whether a disc is a DVD or a CDDA?? Why does DVD stop after one
> chapter if they selected a chapter? This all makes sense in a .bat or
> a shell script that runs VLC unattended, not in the UI.

Command-line invocation != automation. There are people who want to do
something advanced on a one-time basis, and who can't/won't use the
command line, that's what we have wizards for. I'd also say that people
who want to do conversion probably wish it was automated, but will still
use the conversion wizard.

> That is evident. We cannot enumerate all network locations, and we
> should not enumerate all local files (due to I/O). However we can
> enumerate all discs, and we can probably enumerate all capture devices.

I agree that we need a panel to open arbitrary locations, and that
fields to type out devices that could be enumerated in a list instead
are retarded. Yet, these could be enumerated in a drop-down the open
panel, just like the dshow panel does. Sure, it would make the UI depend
on libudev or whatever, but so?

IOW, we have two overlapping ways of opening media: dialog based, and
playlist based. And I fail to see your arguments for the latter rather
than fixing the former, except that the latter is currently working

Pierre Ynard
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