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wangsw58 wangsw58 at gmail.com
Sat Mar 26 09:31:41 CET 2011

      Frist of all,I am sorry about my english,I only konw a little english word.
      Send this mail for ask you some question for vlc used.
      there is a ts stream have more than 1 program, i can connect this ts stream use this way:udp://IP:PORT, and i can change the channel(program) in vlc , but now I want select a program id to play in vlc application use string, in old version of vlc ,just like 0.8.6i, i can use this string {dst=display,select program=401}.
      but in ealy version like (0.9.9 )( (1.1.7), use this string return such error message: " stream_out_duplicate error: * ignore unknow opertion 'program'", and use this string {dst=display,select="program=401"},will return this error msg: main error cannot create pcaktizer output(mpga,mpgv).
     so i want to konw what sting will be right to connect a program id (401) in version after 0.9.9 And this string will be can used in other version like 1.1.7 too??
      thanks so much if you can send me a mail to tell me.
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