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Thu May 5 21:00:46 CEST 2011


First, let me apologize since this is off-topic to the development of vlc,
however I'd appreciate if someone here could point me in the right

I need to calculate the length of a MythTV recorded nuv file. I intend to
use python and need to determine if a file is indeed as long as it should

Since I know the video bitrate at which MythTV is recording i.e. 2200kbps
have tried to use that and the file size to estimate but the result is still
a few seconds off - 10-20 seconds off for a 5 minute file and I suspect it
may increase exponentially for larger files (haven't tested).

Since vlc is able to determine the accurate file length right since the file
is opened, I would appreciate if someone could point out the logic vlc uses
to determine the length of a video.

Thanks so much, any help is appreciated.

Bye for now
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