[vlc-devel] Rethinking the HTTP Interface UI

Andre-John Mas ajmas at sympatico.ca
Sat May 21 21:42:43 CEST 2011


I decided I would give a stab at reworking the HTTP UI to VLC. Here is a very first stab:


It looks very rough at this point, but the idea is to present the general direction and
maybe find someone who is stronger at UI design than I am to help out.

Essentially what I am wanting to do is provide a look which is more inline with the new
look of the VideoLAN web site and at the same time provide a look to the player controls
that match either the controller currently in VLC or something like that used by
Quicktime X. I plan to reintroduce the icons, but using text for now since I didn't
want to be putting too much effort if the idea of updating the UI isn't supported.

Eventually I would also be interested in adding support for detecting the VLC Plugin and
offering a tab to media using the plugin.

Anyhow that's the idea.


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