[vlc-devel] Gapless playback for chained ogg streams.

Elbin Pallimalil elbin.p.lists at gmail.com
Sun May 22 14:57:04 CEST 2011


I was looking through the source code for causes of this bug
https://trac.videolan.org/vlc/ticket/4617. ie there are audible
glitches when metadata in an Ogg stream is updated.

There seems to be quite a bit of tearing down and setting up done on a
logical stream change. The buffering is restarted, pts is
reinitialized and there are quite a bit of dropped buffers because of
pts out of range errors. I am not familiar with audio processing
concepts  but I guess all this has to be done because a new logical
stream can have different number and format of audio and video
streams. Is it at all possible to achieve a smooth transition between
logical (linked) ogg streams with the current demuxer?

Or why can you not write a new demuxer for ogg audio streams alone
based on Vorbisfile API? Wouldn't this simpler API help in having a
smooth transition with chained Ogg streams?


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