[vlc-devel] Contrib Tree improvement for MacOSX in clang

Felix Paul Kühne fkuehne.videolan at googlemail.com
Tue Nov 29 21:22:10 CET 2011

Sorry for answering to myself..

On 29.11.2011, at 20:29, Felix Paul Kühne wrote:

> Hello,
> On 16.11.2011, at 01:49, Naohiro KORIYAMA wrote:
>> - gettext
>> On Mac OS X, gettext library is not installed, so we need to install
>> it. But only libintl and some tools are installed.
>> When we build some library like cddb,  autoconf fails because
>> AM_GETTEXT_* and AM_ICONV are not defined on the system.
> Just make .gettext after bootstrapping the contribs as indicated by the OSXCompile page. This isn't obvious and may be fixed at some point. However, it works then.
>> - zvbi
>> I cannot compile with clang. I have the following bug. I can compile
>> this library with llvm-gcc.
>> ./misc.h:56:5: error: invalid token at start of a preprocessor expression
>> #if #cpu (i386)
>>   ^
>> ./misc.h:59:5: error: invalid token at start of a preprocessor expression
>> #if #cpu (i686)
>>   ^
>> 2 errors generated.
> This library's code isn't cool at all. If you fix this one, you'll get another issue with a nested function in packet.c, which isn't supported by clang either. The authors admit this in a comment, but don't anything about it. No idea.
>> - libdvbpsi
>> headers and library are installed but libdvbspi.pc is not installed
>> to $PREFIX/lib/pkgconfig.
> Fixed in the meantime. Works for me at least.
>> - libvpx
>> command is valid. but fail to build with makefile. I can build
>> successfully when I build with the same command by hand. maybe we need
>> to modify configure script.
> Fixed in the meantime.
>> - gnutls and orc
>> Configure script fails because it cannot find nm command.
> Fixed in the meantime.
> As mentioned in a previous mail, there are issues with libgcrypt:
> These could be fixed this way:
> 1) CFLAGS="-std=gnu89 -fheinous-gnu-extensions"
> 2) add "--disable-asm" to the configure line (like for WIN64)
> 3) apply this patch: https://trac.macports.org/browser/trunk/dports/devel/libgcrypt/files/clang-asm.patch
> All other libraries compile correctly for me using clang 3.0 :-)

I forgot about gettext.
For clang (and 10.7 SDK support in general), we will need to apply this patch:

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