[vlc-devel] All things UPNP!

Jorgen Lundman lundman at lundman.net
Wed Sep 14 10:26:48 CEST 2011

> VLC used to have a couple of UPnP A/V services discovery modules
> (ControlPoint / MediaRenderer-ish in UPnP semantics) one based on pupnp
> and the other on the cyberlink SDK, though the latter (cyberlink) got
> removed because it was unmaintained and it had a lower code quality.

There were some issues and bugs with the 2.3 branch indeed. However, the 
developer (who has a seriously impressive list of OpenSource projects) simply 
gave me SVN privileges, which I think means I am welcome to fix it.

To date, I have checked-in fixes to clinkc and clinkc-av, some core dumps fixes, 
compatibility with PS3 and that of XBox 360 (Microsoft have some annoying 
MS-only requirements). As well as some enhancements. But perhaps that just 
proves your point.

 > The issues we have with the client part are mostly due to limitations in
 > VLC's services discovery APIs.

As I know nothing of VLC, that would be an area I would need help anyway. At the 
very least hooks for "find servers", "get content" and required code is just put 
in place.

> Well, starting a cyberlink-based MediaServer module would obviously be
> duplicating efforts though I certainly won't stop you from doing it.
> However, help on the pupnp-based one would be very welcome.

Well, if both projects are already well under way, then it may not be in your 
best interest for me to join. I would be new to both VLC and pupnp.  What 
percentage would you rate the two parts at?

I looked at "pupnp" which is very nice, clean and small. But it had no API calls 
at all for anything MediaServer related (at the time). So it was a lot of manual 
code required to add both MediaClient and MediaServer. (ie, low-level upnp 
library, BrowseDirectChildren, BrowseMetaData, Sort methods, ConnectionMgr and 
all that jazz).

> Sure, do not hesitate to ping me or thresh on IRC (#videolan @freenode)

I am as well, but our Timezones are not compatible :)


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