[vlc-devel] [Patch] fix enqueue button in web interface

Rob rob at hobbyistsoftware.com
Mon Sep 19 12:18:52 CEST 2011

>> it wasn't sending in file:// format
> This does not look correct to me. For instance, '/1/2/3' would turn into
> 'file://%2f1%2f2%2f3' whereas 'file:///1/2/3' is expected.
> I don't know how this translates in LUA, but make_path() should be used.

the code I'm changing is in the (html/javascript) web client - not in the  
lua interface.

couple of things; I didn't really dig into this. Just saw a report on IRC  
that open was working, but enqueue was not.

essentially, I copied the code from open to enqueue, and it (mostly) works  
- whereas it didn't work before.

I don't know why - but
localhost:8080/command=in_enqueue&input=file:///1/2/3  does not work
localhost:8080/command=in_enqueue&input=file://%2f1%2f2%2f3 does work

this is true on 1.10 with the oldHttp interface as well as with the  
luaHttp interface.
you can change the requirement of the luaHttp interface - but that will  
change things for all clients; not just the built in web client. At the  
moment, I'm just working with the interface as it exists (and has existed  
for some time)

having said that - neither open nor enqueue in the web client handle  
filenames with non-url characters. Checking my iPhone remote - it turns  
out you need to double-escape the path.

> Better yet, this component should only receive URIs to begin with.

the web client gets paths from the http interface (specifically  
browse.xml). Perhaps that should be changed, but jb has been a strong  
proponent of maintaining backward compatibility.

I'll send a new patch - but it'll look even stranger.


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