[vlc-devel] [Patch] fix open and enqueue button in web client

Rob rob at hobbyistsoftware.com
Mon Sep 19 15:25:30 CEST 2011

this is work only on the web client to make it send correct commands to  
the http interface.

to be clear, by the web client, I'm talking about the web-browser client  
that is built into vlc, and which in turn talks to the luaHttp interface.

the http interface is weird in what it accepts, so the work in the client  
is convoluted. This is nothing specific to the the interface in 1.2, or  
the luaHttp interface - this is true for the currently live oldHttp  
interface and the currently live luaHttp interface

I'd be very happy if someone wanted to fix the luaHttp interface to be  
less fussy - but that would potentially break other clients out there, so  
it would need a decision to (somewhat) abandon backward compatibility.  
(JB? Remi?)

current state of the web client

open file button - doesn't work
enqueue file button - doesn't work

Mac / Linux
enqueue file button - doesn't work
open file button - works unless filename has non-url character in it such  
as /movié.avi

after current patch, everything works, with two annoyances

1) encoded movie names show in the main UI (vlc looks like it is playing  
file:///movi%C3%A9.avi ) - this is better than refusing to play at all,  
but annoying
2) there is a bug deeper in the javascript, so names with ' in them are  
not getting pulled out of the xml, and never make it as far as the makeURI  
function. Hopefully Brandon can have a look at this one.

and yes, I know it looks wierd to double escape (mostly) the path before  
sending it to the http interface - but that is what the interface requires.

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