[vlc-devel] Libvlc, OpenGL and Qt

Rémy Sanchez remy.sanchez at hyperthese.net
Fri Sep 23 12:17:20 CEST 2011

On Friday 23 September 2011 08:50:55 Rémi Denis-Courmont wrote:
> On Thu, 22 Sep 2011 23:46:41 +0200, Rémy Sanchez
> <remy.sanchez at hyperthese.net> wrote:
> > 	- libvlc_media_get_tracks_info() returns 0 tracks, even with
> > 
> > libvlc_media_parse(m) being called just before.
> Maybe a bug.
> > 	- I'm forced to create the texture with the GL_BGRA format, and to draw
> > 
> > it upside down, I'm not sure how normal this is
> This is definitely a bug in your application.

Ok, so RV32 is indeed supposed to generate something of the form GL_RGBA ?

> > 	- Calling libvlc_video_set_format() from resize() while the video is
> > 
> > playing does nothing
> This is a documented limitation of libvlc_video_set_format().

Quote :
Set decoded video chroma and dimensions.
This only works in combination with libvlc_video_set_callbacks(), and is 
mutually exclusive with libvlc_video_set_format_callbacks().


All pixel planes are expected to have the same pitch. To use the YCbCr color 
space with chrominance subsampling, consider using 
libvlc_video_set_format_callbacks() instead.

What limitation are  you talking about ? I do use 
libvlc_video_set_callbacks(), but do I have anything to do in my callbacks ? 
Appart from (un)locking and filling my texture, of course.

> > 	- video_end_callback() is not called when the video reaches the end
> The documentation is pretty damn clear that libvlc_video_set_format() and
> libvlc_video_set_format_callbacks() are mutually exclusive.

Yes I read that (see just above), and I was wondering : what does mutual 
exclusion mean here ? You can't call both of them in the same time ? One will 
block ?

Anyway, that's not the matter because I'm using libvlc 1.1.3 and I do never 
call libvlc_video_set_format_callbacks(). My fonction video_end_callback() is 
registered with libvlc_event_attach() (see line 50 of the .cpp file).

Rémy Sanchez
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