[vlc-devel] [PATCH] Added option to disable chapter generation from marks file.

Tobias Güntner fatbull at web.de
Mon Sep 26 13:56:32 CEST 2011

Am 26.09.2011 11:15, schrieb Janne Kujanpää:
> if( !psz_ext || ( strcasecmp( psz_ext, ".rec" ) && strcasecmp( psz_ext, 
> ".rec/" )) ) then.

Good point. The latter should be strcasecmp( psz_ext, ".rec" DIR_SEP )
since we're dealing with a file system path here.

> True but why we need separate chapters for commercials?

After cutting: Remaining cut marks are useless and serve no purpose.
Might as well ignore them completely. Does it matter if/how VLC still
imports them? Why bother?

Before cutting, or when added manually after cutting: To seek.

But I think I get your point: I seldom ;) feel the need to seek to the
beginning of a commercial break. Maybe even-numbered chapters /are/
dispensable. Nevertheless I find cut marks at both ends somewhat useful.
I can tell at a glance where commercial breaks begin and end, given the
new chapter marks on the main slider.

> Imho chapter is from beginning of the red bar to next red bar.

My VDR is headless/streamdev only; cut marks are generated by noad. No
red bar for me. ;) So far, I only used cut marks as seek targets, but
never to actually cut anything. This might explain my point of view.

>> I like the frame/time based approach a lot better because you can set it
>> and forget it. It removes "duplicate" chapters, but leaves all others
>> untouched.
> We can also add mode 'auto' into vdr-generate-chapters and merge 
> vdr-min-chapter-gap to use with it. NOw whoch one is best unit to use 
> with vdr-min-chapter-gap: seconds, milliseconds or frames?

Actually, I tend to hard coded "vdr-generate-chapters=odd" mode right
now ... I need a while to make up my mind; will post later.


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