[vlc-devel] [PATCH] Added option to disable chapter generation from marks file.

Tobias Güntner fatbull at web.de
Tue Sep 27 05:26:40 CEST 2011

Am 26.09.2011 13:56, schrieb Tobias Güntner:
>> Imho chapter is from beginning of the red bar to next red bar.

OK, you convinced me.

>> We can also add mode 'auto' into vdr-generate-chapters and merge
>> vdr-min-chapter-gap to use with it. NOw whoch one is best unit to use
>> with vdr-min-chapter-gap: seconds, milliseconds or frames?
> Actually, I tend to hard coded "vdr-generate-chapters=odd" mode right
> now ... I need a while to make up my mind; will post later.

Here's my (final?) patch. Two remarks:

1. I simplified things a bit and removed the (now pointless) "Start" 
chapter. There either is a cut mark at the very beginning (then the 
chapter is redundant and we don't need it) or not (then this region has 
been cut and we don't want it).

2. I decided against a vdr-generate-chapters setting, because:

* 'none' is pointless because I can't think of a compelling reason why 
someone would want to turn it off. Rémi asked a similar question when I 
posted the first access_vdr patch here; so far, nobody complained. ;)

* 'all' would be backwards compatible. To be honest, when I wrote the 
code to import cut marks two years ago, I could not think of any good 
"filter". For the sake of simplicity, I just added them all. I don't 
feel obliged to keep that behavior.

* 'auto' makes sense if you consider cut marks simply as "seek targets". 
But as you already said: Why do we need them for parts which are 
supposed to be removed? Maybe if someone *really* misses them, we can 
add this mode in a future patch.

* 'odd' is, in a way, what VDR does, so it makes sense to do that here, 
too. The only "issue" is that the end of a chapter is lost. Minor 
inconvenience, but no problem, I think.

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