[vlc-devel] [vlc-commits] Fix simulatenous HTTPd use of RTSP and HTTP

Pierre Ynard linkfanel at yahoo.fr
Tue Sep 27 22:46:03 CEST 2011

> > With the direction the code is taking, there is no chance of making
> > work streaming on different ports for the same protocol,
> That is different protocol on the same port. I am fine with supporting
> it. It's just a matter of merging rtsp-host with http-host as a unique
> configuration item. I think both cases are rarely used corner cases,
> so I don't have any strong opinion on which one to support.

Funny how your design that you presented as being straightforward,
intuitive and not buggy needs to be amended and patched again and again.

> As for different ports for the same protocol IN THE SAME PROCESS, I
> still don't see the point.

I'll assume that you acknowledge the point of different ports for the
same protocol then. Let's say I'm trying to stream from a capture card,
I just can't open it several times in different processes. If I'm
restreaming locally a remote HTTP stream, I don't want to open it in
several instances for obvious bandwidth reasons. If I'm transcoding on
the fly, I don't want to transcode the same stream several times in
different processes for obvious CPU usage reasons. So I end up with a
need for a one-to-many way to relay the input before outputting it, and
if I can't use a #duplicate block but need to work with several
processes, well it fucking sucks; been there, done that.

And before you say it's a tiny corner case, I'll remind that the one
example I gave you was a webradio involving live capture, transcoding on
the fly and streaming on several ports.

Pierre Ynard
"Une âme dans un corps, c'est comme un dessin sur une feuille de papier."

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