[vlc-devel] drop-late-frames behaviour

PROMONET Michel michel.promonet at thalesgroup.com
Tue Apr 3 20:36:21 CEST 2012


We are facing some problems (or need more time investment) to understand the criteria that decide to drop late frames.
Also different VLC release (1.0.3, 2.0.1) have a different behaviour, it seems that 2.0.1 drop more easy frames considered to be late.

We use H264 stream with differents GOP, frames rates, and specially low frame rates in case of backward streaming.
As we are using VLC in a plugins, setting ":drop-late-frames=0" is refused (considered as unsafe if I read correctly libvlc-module.c), then this setting seems not usable in such usage.

Could you help me to understand how is it is compute ?

Best Regards,



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