[vlc-devel] Implementing Resume

Sam Tregar sam at tregar.com
Tue Apr 24 05:36:59 CEST 2012

Hello all.  I'm working on implementing a resume feature, where VLC would
automatically resume playing where it left off when re-opening a file.
 This would be an optional plugin, of course.

This is my first project in VLC and I'm a bit lost.  I've got a dummy
plugin up and running but I'm not sure how to access the hooks I need.  I'm
sure I'll find my way eventually but if someone wanted to give me a leg up
here's what I think I need:

  - The ability to start a thread that wakes up periodically and notices
what file is playing and what position it's playing at.

  - The ability to get a callback when a file is opened and closed.

  - The ability to seek to a particular position from the open callback.

Or, if you think I'm headed in the wrong direction, please feel free to say

Thanks!  And thank you for VLC - it's a great project.

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