[vlc-devel] [RFC] Dropping support for OS X 10.5

SciFi sci-fi at hush.ai
Sun Aug 19 23:05:29 CEST 2012


I just read Felix's posts, and I do understand what is going on.
(Thanks for the details on what exactly will be dropped.)

I should respond to your question here, tho.

On Aug 19, 2012, at 13:06, Jean-Baptiste Kempf wrote:

> Hello,
> 32 bit Mac OS X can run 64 bit applications on 64 bit hardware.
> Did you try to run VLC 64bits on your machine?

Yes, on 10.6.8 I can run both of them, 32- and 64-bit.

(I don't have a trustful setup for 10.7: this is my only computer here, and it is rather delegated 24/7/365 with several scheduled HDHomeRun recordings [OTA/antenna; BTW I have quite a setup here, right now it's saving the Little League on US-ABC network <lol>].)

The (hopefully) attached snapshot is showing that I cannot control the kernel and kext code, those are strictly 32-bit.
But many other things are running 64-bit.
(look under the "Kind" column)

What I neglected in my previous message:
(1) I try to choose/set 32-bit in OSX-type apps (when possible),
(2) I build open-source apps as 32-bit,
(3) we still have some code from other vendors as 32-bit-only (Firefox plugins and others) which I'm sure will be aggravated by 10.8,  :D
(4) for completeness sake I will say I am definitely one of those who uses the Rosetta PPC emulator when needed [BTW my favorite platform was a Dual-G5 2.7-GHz tower (now lost due to difficulties of my recent personal history)]
(5) also for completeness sake I continue to use Xcode-3.2.6 and GCC-4.2.1 family even tho I have Xcode-4.2.x (GCC not changed there)

I totally disagree with Apple's own disagreements on the GNU licensing issues etc.

But my "hatred" of Apple actually started with the PPC droppage fiasco itself (at my paid job I knew some local IBM engineers who agreed that those chips were probably closer to how the mainframe is designed).  Plus I was "raised" on the Motorola chips (6809, 680x0, etc.) instead of the "backwards" Intel design.  [oh-no, I do not want to start another "war" on this <g>]

In fact, all in all, I am a long-time MacHead who is jumping off this platform as entirely as I can and as soon as possible.  (I'm on record with the Pan mail-lists on these issues, and other various places, too.)

Eventually then I will be part of the platform that VLC is actually mostly geared towards.  ;)

Thanks again for chatting.

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