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> Hi,
> Compiling VLC for Mac with the new contrib I receive the following error.
> http://pastie.org/4587875
> Can you help me? Do you know how can I receive more information from Xcode and suggest to you one solution?
> Sincerely
> Diego Fernando Nieto
> @diegofn

I also had this issue recently.  I worked around it by downloading http://download.videolan.org/contrib/bghudappkit-git.tar.xz and compiling it myself in Xcode 4, and using that to replace the BGHUDAppKit.framework in the prebuilt contribs.  Here is my compiled framework: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ble9lvwgptrwj0n/BGHUDAppKit.framework.zip; it goes in the contrib/x86_64-apple-darwinXX folder, with the caveat that I probably compiled it to only work on 10.8+.

Brendon Justin

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