[vlc-devel] Bug: vlc 2.0.4 (and 2.0.5) distorts audiofiles

sylvia82 at freudenkinder.de sylvia82 at freudenkinder.de
Sun Dec 23 19:20:49 CET 2012


starting with version 2.0.4 vlc plays some of the my sound files (I tried wav, ogg, mp3) slightly distorted (Linux, alsa). I have difficulties describing the effect but I would say that the high frequencies are more affected. I tracked it down to a change (cedced8c) in 2.0.4 that set the priority of the speex-resampler plugin to 0 (modules/audio_filter/resampler/speex.c). Changing it back to 50 fixes the problem. Alternative fix is to compile vlc with support for libsamplerate. I have no idea which resampler or if any at all is used when the distortion happens. Is there a way to figure out which plugins exactly vlc uses?
Please fix the default behaviour when vlc is compiled w/o libsamplerate. Thx!

Also, I first tried to report this on trac but I couldn't register. Every time I tried I got a webpage with just the line: "Environment not found" (that was really annoying).

Happy Christmas!

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