[vlc-devel] multicast stream receiving problems

Warren Young warren at etr-usa.com
Sat Dec 29 01:28:51 CET 2012

On 12/27/2012 22:32, fayyaz lodhi wrote:
> No response. Perhaps i haven't shown enough effort.

It's the Christmas holiday time in the Western world where most of the 
VLC developers are, and probably most of its users, too.

Consequently, a lot of the people you want to reach aren't reading 
mailing lists right now, and they might ignore a lot of what came in 
over the holiday.

> If i pull any version of git code (2.1.0 and i even reverted to commits
> around 2.4.0 release) and cross compile it successfully, the resultant
> binary has hanging play back on windows i.e. there is buffering and long
> pauses. Multicast streaming fails to work at all. Where as a simple
> video file play back also hangs initially and gets smooth after a while.

What are you using for a multicast source?

What is the URL you are giving to VLC?  I'm not interested so much in 
your IP address scheme as in the URL's overall form.

If you are using RTSP to set up the multicast stream, can you capture 
the RTSP negotiation and post the text of it here?

If instead you are directly connecting to a raw UDP or RTP stream that's 
already "out there" on the network, do you see the IGMP group join 
request go out on the wire when you capture packets?  Do you see the UDP 
packets coming into the machine after the IGMP request goes out?

If you are using smart network switches with IGMP snooping enabled, do 
you see the UDP packets stop coming in when you close VLC, after an IGMP 
group leave packet goes out?

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