[vlc-devel] multicast stream receiving problems

Fayyaz Khan fayyazkl at gmail.com
Sun Dec 30 11:44:31 CET 2012

Thank you. Yeah i probably missed the fact that it is Christmas time.

I am using direct udp stream from a service of iptv provided by national 
telco in my country.

An example url is udp://@239.194.x.x:x

Basically vlc is parsing an m3u file with entries such as this


#EXTINF:1,Smart Products

I will have to examine packet capture for igmp messages and udps. Will 
get back on this in day or so.

Though i am not sure if these are interrelated, but simple video 
playback of  flv file on cross compiled binary has same issues.

An update is that i went through

and used audio output module of DirectX instead of default and it fixed 
the flv file. Except that volume bar is not going over 100% (i.e. not 
200%. Earlier volume bar was moving but failed to have any actual effect 
on the volume along with stuttering in video and audio.

I am going to try this direct x change on multicast streaming as well. 
That setup is actually at my work machine only and will have to wait 
until tomorrow.

Thanks for the help so far.

On 12/29/2012 5:28 AM, Warren Young wrote:
> On 12/27/2012 22:32, fayyaz lodhi wrote:
>> No response. Perhaps i haven't shown enough effort.
> It's the Christmas holiday time in the Western world where most of the 
> VLC developers are, and probably most of its users, too.
> Consequently, a lot of the people you want to reach aren't reading 
> mailing lists right now, and they might ignore a lot of what came in 
> over the holiday.
>> If i pull any version of git code (2.1.0 and i even reverted to commits
>> around 2.4.0 release) and cross compile it successfully, the resultant
>> binary has hanging play back on windows i.e. there is buffering and long
>> pauses. Multicast streaming fails to work at all. Where as a simple
>> video file play back also hangs initially and gets smooth after a while.
> What are you using for a multicast source?
> What is the URL you are giving to VLC?  I'm not interested so much in 
> your IP address scheme as in the URL's overall form.
> If you are using RTSP to set up the multicast stream, can you capture 
> the RTSP negotiation and post the text of it here?
> If instead you are directly connecting to a raw UDP or RTP stream 
> that's already "out there" on the network, do you see the IGMP group 
> join request go out on the wire when you capture packets? Do you see 
> the UDP packets coming into the machine after the IGMP request goes out?
> If you are using smart network switches with IGMP snooping enabled, do 
> you see the UDP packets stop coming in when you close VLC, after an 
> IGMP group leave packet goes out?
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