[vlc-devel] upgrading to Qt 4.8

John Freed okvlc at johnfreed.com
Mon Feb 6 13:18:55 CET 2012

Rafael (I think) asked me to document the changes needed to upgrade from Qt
4.7 to Qt 4.8. I recognize there is no desire or reason to move to 4.8 now,
but Fedora 16 is already using it, and this will give you a preview of the
upgrade path.

Anyhow, I have a patch of patches if that would be desirable; otherwise I
can post the separate patchfiles. (there are six of them, and there is also
a deletion from the 4.7 patchfile list)

Would it be appropriate to do that here? Post them somewhere else (maybe in
trac)? Or should I send them privately somewhere?

The following files are affected in contrib/src/qt4:
mingw32.patch -- deleted (it's marked as a fixing a 4.7 bug and is indeed
not needed in 4.8)
chroot.patch -- version number upgrade only
imageformats.patch -- version number upgrade only
styles.patch -- version number upgrade only
SHA512SUMS -- version number upgrade (and checksum of course)
rules.mak -- two changes involving the version number, and a third change
to remove mingw32.patch from the list
cross.patch -- several fixes that involve the configure file, which was
restructured by the Nokia folks

It's all pretty straightforward, fortunately.

I will probably post a prebuilt version on my personal website and point to
it from the (forthcoming) Fedora W32 Build wiki page.
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