[vlc-devel] Controlling VLC with another application (Matlab) in Mac OSX

Arslan, Ali ali_arslan at brown.edu
Wed Feb 8 02:48:51 CET 2012

I have a rather unusual project. I need to be able to interface VLC with
Matlab on MacOSX to control the video playback.

Specifically, I want the communication to be two ways. For example, I want
Matlab to detect the play/pause commands in VLC in real time. Conversely, I
want Matlab to send play/pause signals to VLC. In other words I want to use
full functionality of VLC's gui, and also to be able to use it with Matlab
at the same time. Plus I need to keep track of which parts of the movie is
being played and so on, which will happen in Matlab.

This is for a psychophysics experiment where the participant watches a
video with an eyetracker. Matlab works as the host between the VLC and the
eyetracker hardware.

I've seen that in Windows, the communication could be done over activex. In
osx, however, this is obviously not possible. Before I waste time on
finding my own way, I wanted to ask if there's any suggestions about
possible paths to follow. Would the http interface of VLC work for that,
for example?

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