[vlc-devel] Controlling VLC with another application (Matlab) in Mac OSX

Sidney Doria ssdoria at gmail.com
Wed Feb 8 03:06:17 CET 2012

Ali, maybe using the VLC' HTTP interface.

People, has VLC any DDE implementation?

2012/2/7 Arslan, Ali <ali_arslan at brown.edu>:
> Hi,
> I have a rather unusual project. I need to be able to interface VLC with
> Matlab on MacOSX to control the video playback.
> Specifically, I want the communication to be two ways. For example, I want
> Matlab to detect the play/pause commands in VLC in real time. Conversely, I
> want Matlab to send play/pause signals to VLC. In other words I want to use
> full functionality of VLC's gui, and also to be able to use it with Matlab
> at the same time. Plus I need to keep track of which parts of the movie is
> being played and so on, which will happen in Matlab.
> This is for a psychophysics experiment where the participant watches a video
> with an eyetracker. Matlab works as the host between the VLC and the
> eyetracker hardware.
> I've seen that in Windows, the communication could be done over activex. In
> osx, however, this is obviously not possible. Before I waste time on finding
> my own way, I wanted to ask if there's any suggestions about possible paths
> to follow. Would the http interface of VLC work for that, for example?
> Thanks!
> --
> Ali
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