[vlc-devel] Untranslatable UI strings in HEAD

Juha Jeronen juha.jeronen at jyu.fi
Thu Feb 9 04:26:17 CET 2012

Hi all,

Found some untranslatable UI strings in the QT interface. VLC version
2.1-git, [f111847917894e8e5e832a5e2b850d229a4ceebc]. I suppose the
strings shouldn't have yet changed that much since the 2.0 rc, so it's
likely that these are genuinely untranslatable, and not just missing
from the .po.

Below is a list. I haven't tested all tooltips, but I have
systematically gone through most of the UI.

- In menus:
  - Playback > "Sp&eed" (either in src/libvlc-module.c or
  - Playback > Title > all subitems
  - Playback > Navigation > "DVD Menu"
  - Audio > "&Increase volume", "&Decrease volume", "&Mute"

- Toolbar item texts (visible in the UI customization dialog, but the
space is small and the rest of each string is cut off; I'll put just the
beginning here):
  - "Loop/..."
  - "Open sub..."
  - "Dock fulls..."
  - "Playback"
  - "Aspect r..."
  - "Speed..."
  - "Elapsed..."
  - "Total/Remaini..."

- Media info window, tab title: "Codec"

- In the list of TV standards (used in a couple of places):
"Multichannel television sound (MTS)"

- In simple prefs:
  - "Subtitles / OSD" (section title!)
  - "Input / Codecs" (section title!)
  - User Interface > "Show media change popup when", "Never", "When
minimized", "Always".
  - Input / Codecs > most choices in "x264 preset and tuning selection"
("fast" and "slow" in presets are translatable; nothing else in either
presets or tunings is)
  - Input / Codecs > "x264 profile and level selection" > all choices
  - Hotkeys > "Exit fullscreen"

- In full prefs:
  - Interface > Main interfaces > Qt: "Show media change popup when" is
translatable, but its choices ("Never", "When minimized", "Always") are not.
  - Input/Codecs > Demux > AVI > choice "Fix when necessary"
  - Input/Codecs > Demux > DIRAC > "mc-blk-height"
  - Sout > Transcode > many colour space converters under "Video
filters"; see separate list below.
  - Video > "Subtitles / OSD" (section title!)
  - Video > Filters > Gradfun > "Debanding algorithm"
  - Audio > Output modules > ALSA > "Discard all samples (playback) or
generate zero samples (capture)"
  - Audio > SRC resampler > all strings related "Sample rate converter
type" except this string itself. (Tooltip plus setting values.)
  - Audio > Filters > "Audio channel remapper"
  - Audio > Filters > Mono > all channel names except "Left", "Right"
and "Center". Untranslatable are "Rear left", "Rear right",
"Low-frequency effects", "Side left", "Side right" and "Rear center".
  - Audio > Filters > Remap > all strings except "Left", "Right" and
"Center". This includes setting names, values and tooltips.

- Colour space converters (hopefully no typos...):
  - "Conversions from YUY2,YUNV,YVYU,UYVY,UYNV,Y422,cyuv to I420"
  - "Conversions from I422 to YUY2,YUNV,YVYU,UYVY,UYNV,Y422,cyuv,Y211"
  - "Conversions from YUY2,YUNV,YVYU,UYVY,UYNV,Y422,cyuv to I422"
  - "SSE2 conversions from I422 to YUY2,YUNV,YVYU,UYVY,UYNV,Y422,IYUV,cyuv"
  - "Conversions from I420,IYUV,YV12 to
  - "Conversions from I422,J422 to I420,IYUV,J420,YV12,YUVA"
  - "MMX conversions from I420,IYUV,YV12 to
  - "MMX conversions from I422 to YUY2,YUNV,YVYU,UYVY,UYNV,Y422,IYUV,cyuv"
  - "SSE2 conversions from I420,IYUV,YV12 to

Finally, about these two I'm pretty sure that they're new in 2.1 (and
hence, it is normal that they are not yet included in the .po):

  - Input/Codecs > Access modules > File > "Use version sort" (and its

  - Video > Filters > Convert 3D picture to anaglyph image video filter
(plus all its settings)


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