[vlc-devel] upgrade MPEG DASH handling of relative URLs

Christopher Müller christopher.mueller at itec.uni-klu.ac.at
Wed Feb 15 19:20:14 CET 2012

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> Betreff: [vlc-devel] upgrade MPEG DASH handling of relative URLs
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> > Subject: Re: [vlc-devel] upgrade MPEG DASH handling of relative URLs
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> > So if give it a second look maybe it was too late last night ;). It
> > should work also with mpds where the segments contain absolute urls
> > due to mayberealtive.
> >
> > But it would be better to solve this special case in the
> > HTTPConnection parseUrl. There you can prove if the url is valid and
> > if not you can set it relative. This is one if/else and would work
> for
> > every profile and also for further profiles.
> I'm having difficulty imagining how this would work.  How many
> HTTPConnections does the DASH module use?  Does it use one per
> Representation? (because there could theoretically be a different
> BaseURI for each Representation).  If so, then loading the BaseURI into
> the HTTPConnection could make sense.

Currently the plugin opens a HTTP connections for each chunk and I know that
this is ineffective. The chunk contains the resolved url and HTTPConnection
already contains code where we parse the url and at that point you could
also add this error handling and set the url relative to the mpd path if it
is not valid. This would be a good improvement and make the code more

As I said adding a "fake" baseurl could lead to problems in the future and
we would have to add that code to every profile parser.


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