[vlc-devel] Basque translation

Ibai Oihanguren ibai at oihanguren.com
Mon Feb 20 23:09:31 CET 2012

By the way, answering to your question,

no the translation that Xabier sent isn't any dialect, it's just a 
translation without knowing which words are used commonly in Basque 
applications, making up some words, etc.

Thank you again,


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> Hello,
> On Thu, Feb 02, 12 at 00:13 +0100, Aritz Erkiaga Elorza wrote:
>> I'm the  maintainer of the Basque  translation of VLC. I've  seen that
>> you  are using  a  translation  made by  Xabier  Aramendi as  official
>> instead  of the  last I  gave  you. As  the maintainer  of the  Basque
>> translation of VLC,  is my duty alert  you that you are  using a wrong
>> translation.
> According to a quick (hence not exhaustive) search i my mail archive,
> the last time we communicated was in March 2010. So when Xabier proposed
> himself last May, it appear that I failed to point  him to you i.e. the
> curent maintainer as I usually do possibly because it was a long time
> since I had recieved a .po from you.
>> I've seen that you are using  a translation made by Xabier Aramendi as
>> official, but this translation doesn't  use the standard Basque terms,
>> and consequently users  may not understand the interface.  We have had
>> the same problem with Xabier's translations in some other applications
>> too, and  told him so,  but he keeps  ignoring us. Therefore,  I would
>> thank you so much if you used the translation attached to these e-mail
>> instead of  the one  he provided  you, and  ask the  maintainer before
>> accepting any other translation.
> Now that put me between a rock and a hard place. Obviously I don't speak
> a word of Basque. So I don't really have any mean to know who to trust.
> So if I rephrase: there is several basque dialects and the one used by
> Xabier is uncommon or rather the one used by Iñaki and you is more
> common.
> Is there country/area descriptor that people use to differentiate
> between the dialects? This way we could make every one happy.
> Regards,

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