[vlc-devel] Basque translation

Ibai Oihanguren ibai at oihanguren.com
Mon Feb 20 23:05:42 CET 2012


Please correct the Basque translation. I was hoping that for version 2.0 
this error would be corrected, but I still see a translation with 
neologisms, words that don't have the same meaning as the original word 
(Play -> Irakurri (which means 'Read' and has no sense here), instead of 
Erreproduzitu), etc.

You can check for instance Totem media player's Basque translation to 
see which are the common words for Basque. I know it's hard and you have 
to believe us because you don't speak Basque, but the translation that 
Aritz and Dooteo sent you is the one the Basque Government accepted and 
helped with money. It's also the one that the group that translates 
Mozilla products and the one that does the same for Gnome prefers.

Please, I'm sure people are changing their language preferences just 
because they are not able to understand the translation VLC is shipping 

Thank you in advance, (and sorry for my bad English, but be sure that 
doesn't affect to my knowledge of Basque language)

Ibai Oihanguren.

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> Hello,
> On Thu, Feb 02, 12 at 00:13 +0100, Aritz Erkiaga Elorza wrote:
>> I'm the  maintainer of the Basque  translation of VLC. I've  seen that
>> you  are using  a  translation  made by  Xabier  Aramendi as  official
>> instead  of the  last I  gave  you. As  the maintainer  of the  Basque
>> translation of VLC,  is my duty alert  you that you are  using a wrong
>> translation.
> According to a quick (hence not exhaustive) search i my mail archive,
> the last time we communicated was in March 2010. So when Xabier proposed
> himself last May, it appear that I failed to point  him to you i.e. the
> curent maintainer as I usually do possibly because it was a long time
> since I had recieved a .po from you.
>> I've seen that you are using  a translation made by Xabier Aramendi as
>> official, but this translation doesn't  use the standard Basque terms,
>> and consequently users  may not understand the interface.  We have had
>> the same problem with Xabier's translations in some other applications
>> too, and  told him so,  but he keeps  ignoring us. Therefore,  I would
>> thank you so much if you used the translation attached to these e-mail
>> instead of  the one  he provided  you, and  ask the  maintainer before
>> accepting any other translation.
> Now that put me between a rock and a hard place. Obviously I don't speak
> a word of Basque. So I don't really have any mean to know who to trust.
> So if I rephrase: there is several basque dialects and the one used by
> Xabier is uncommon or rather the one used by Iñaki and you is more
> common.
> Is there country/area descriptor that people use to differentiate
> between the dialects? This way we could make every one happy.
> Regards,

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