[vlc-devel] new on the block

Rob Jonson rob at hobbyistsoftware.com
Sat Jan 7 12:55:10 CET 2012

> Not wanting to learn yet-another-language (lua), I started with the HTTP
> interface, since I can do HTTP, C and Javascript. And discovered what I now
> see is called the "oldhttp" module. Working from the 1.1.13 source, I
> noticed some outright errors and killed a memory leak. Since this seemed to
> be going well, before proceeding I decided to look at the developer wiki,
> which is why I'm here now.

If you know a handful of languages, lua should be fairly simple to
pick up. For most of the http interface though, lua is a fairly thin
layer with the real work being done in the c code beneath.
I don't know where the album art is generated, but it may well be in
the lower core layer.

The oldHttp interface is being deprecated from 1.2, so not much point
working on that.

The somewhat tricky bit with lua is the interface with the c-code.
Search the archive, or the commit log for commits by akash mehrotra
for examples on adding to that. He did a chunk of work over the summer
polishing and extending the luahttp interface.
Also, if you haven't got on the IRC channel, that's probably the best
place to seek help as you get stuck in.

Would be great to see improved album art support!



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