[vlc-devel] iOS Build patch

Jörg Bleyel joerg at bleyel.de
Fri Jul 13 10:12:28 CEST 2012

Sorry, but i don't know about your handcuffs on iOS Port.
The patch is in reality a rollback for mac os port build and should be
discussed with the macosx contributors

I understand you about the rebuild and i also know that the configure.ac
is not the right place to be.
My problem is, i need to remove wrong settings from configure.ac and not


Am 12.07.12 19:44 schrieb "Rémi Denis-Courmont" unter <remi at remlab.net>:

>Le jeudi 12 juillet 2012 20:39:07 Jörg Bleyel, vous avez écrit :
>> Hi
>> i need to remove the extra flags for iOS build.
>As I said, that
>problem exists only because of the continued poor build system
>surrounding the MacOS port. This needs to be fixed before the iOS
>makes the
>situation worse, not after. This has been going on for years at the
>of every non-MacOS developers, especially recurrent contributors like
>Enough is enough.
>> If you have a better solution for this case please let
>me know.
>I am not contractually allowed to contribute to the iOS port.
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