[vlc-devel] [help]vlc support ape and dlna?

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> Kaarlo Räihä <kaarlo.raiha at gmail.com> wrote:
> > 2.  I can use vlc on my PC A to play a music located on dlna upnp server(eg. the music is on another PC B).
> >     vlc can find and play it.
> >  
> >    But  is there someway i can control vlc from my dlna upnp server(PC B) where the music is located ?
> >    I searched something like vlc-remote, but if use it in PC B to control VLC, the music files must on the vlc server(PC A) which is not i want .
> The relevant UPnP device would probably be a MediaRenderer with its
> embedded ConnectionManager and AVTransport service.  
> Those are implemented by some TVs (I've seen a Sony) and media players
> (like the WD TV Live+).  They are generally implemented weakly (no
> trick mode support, really crappy format diversity).  The sony couldn't
> even handle an MPEG transport stream, despite the fact that it could
> render an ATSC broadcast (which is an MPEG transport stream).
> I don't think VLC implements those UPnP services, nor have I noticed
> anyone talking about them.

Thank you for your kindly reply.

Yes, i just want to make a simple MediaRenderer device by myself.
As you know the currently are implemented weakly and expensive.
And I want to listen musci only.

But I don't know how the TVs and WD TV Live+ are implemented, i try to run VLC on an linux machine with cheap hardware.
Hope VLC can run as a  MediaRenderer(media player?) and then i don't need to buy a TVs or other devices. 

And it can be controlled from android using software like your wrote before.

Window Media Player can work as an MediaPlayer, MediaServer and MediaRender.
So i sent before email to ask whether VLC can do those things too.

Do you think it's possible write a patch for VLC to make it work as a mediarender?

> random fact: I wrote software for android that uses the UPnP
> MediaRenderer and MediaServer interfaces to make a TV play a movie from
> a UPnP media server.  I suspect there are even a few apps for that in
> the app store if you dig far enough.

Out of vlc topic, 
Do you know any other player can be used on linux as an mediarender ? 

Thank you!

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