[vlc-devel] Plugin downmix-to-stereo

Kaarlo Räihä kaarlo.raiha at gmail.com
Thu Mar 1 07:36:06 CET 2012

29. helmikuuta 2012 23.56 Martin Zuther <code at mzuther.de> kirjoitti:

> Dear Rémi!
>  Either your JACK server is misconfigured (I don't know JACK), or there is
>> a bug somewhere most probably in the VLC JACK output plugin. Sorry, but I
>> don't want to have two plugins doing the same with different code in
>> slightly different conditions. Remixing is already a big enough mess[1] in
>> VLC as things stand.
> I can understand you -- I had thought along those lines before starting a
> new channel mixer.  It's usually easier and more useful to fix something
> than to build around it.
> Unfortunately, the problem lies deeper (mind you, it might still be easy
> to fix, but not for *me*).  VLC simply assumes a number of output channels,
> and this is were the problem lies.  I don't quite like "automagic" settings
> like this one, because I happen to always run against them.  And users
> simply cannot fix them without actually changing the code.  Also, the JACK
> output plug-in is not the only one with this problem, at least the Windows
> MME output plug-in displays the same symptoms.

Some Pro cards would work better with free mixing+using multiple output
devices, since the channels of the devices are split to multiple virtual
stereo devices. But this would require some major work.

> It might help to have an option to force VLC's number of output channels,
> possibly a global one -- but I fear it might have to be implemented for
> each and every output plug-in.  Actually, the Direct-X output plug-in
> already features such an option.  Having realised all this, I finally
> started coding a simple channel mixer which has the additional benefit that
> you can freely position the stereo downmix in your surround array, given
> you actually own one...
> As a side note, jackd always exposes *all* available input and output
> ports of a sound device.  That makes (automatic or manual) reconfiguration
> of your audio setup (like insertion of a meter or EQ) a breeze.  So I do
> not quite see a *bug* in the JACK output plug-in, although I'm not sure on
> that.
> Best regards,
> Martin
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