[vlc-devel] HttpLive: ChooseSegment function

Łukasz Korbel korbel85 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 5 22:08:51 CET 2012

> When considering how to implement this, consider the use case where the
> server provides a playlist that starts at the beginning of a program
> that is in-progress (for example, 12 minutes into a 90-minute
> program).  A user in this scenario wants to start watching at the
> beginning of the playlist because that is the start of the program.
> The list of segments will continue to grow until the program ends (at
> which point the playlist will contain an EXT-X-ENDLIST tag).

I suppose that starting playback from the first segment in playlist is
best in most cases and this should be default behaviour of module. It
may be implement as bool parameter: hls-play-from-beginning (default:
If anyone for some reasons want start from the ending of playlist such
functionality can be provided with hls-delay option. Delay can be set
to desirable amount of seconds, where value 0 of will mean choosing
the latest possible segment (according to specification it is last but
two segment). From the other hand if given delay is greater than total
duration of segments in playlist client will start from first one.
This solution covers all cases, I believe. If you don't have
objections for naming convention I'm using, I can implement this

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