[vlc-devel] Severe A/V asynchronous with hardware acceleration on android

Martin Storsjö martin at martin.st
Fri May 4 11:54:20 CEST 2012

On Fri, 4 May 2012, XilasZ wrote:

> I get the same thing on the HTC OneX (same cpu as you, Tegra3),
> plus a weird image doubling, as if the chroma planes are shifted
> vertically compared to the luma plane.
> And as if that wasn't enough, when enabled, HW decoding consume
> more cpu than SW on the OneX.
> So i think we can say HW decoding is not supported yet on Tegra3
> :p
> I Didn't had time yet to dig what's going one.
> This is a regression caused by
> cd0112a5467a01073964e1d1e6d43caf044aacf2.
> I don't know if  the issue occurs on other devices, at least I revert
> the change and fix it on my TF201.
> Interesting, i'll test hw decoding on my htc desire (snapdragon chip from
> qualcomm), see if it happens.

Hmm, this works on the devices I've tested lately.

Can you have a look at what goes wrong when this is enabled, i.e., is the 
data returned by OMX_IndexConfigCommonOutputCrop bad, or is it good 
initially but bad when re-reading it after the 
OMX_EventPortSettingsChanged event that indicated an updated crop rect? 
(Since this particular commit only makes us re-read the same data that has 
been read before, when the decoder indicates that it might have changed.)

// Martin

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