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Jean-Baptiste Kempf jb at videolan.org
Sat May 5 01:41:05 CEST 2012

On Fri, May 04, 2012 at 11:31:46PM +0200, Pierre Ynard wrote :
> > Oh, and we have had 2 interns in the last 2 years on this problems, they
> > have written reports that are available, as we discussed at every
> > meeting.
> Yes, I remember you telling me about this report and it sounded
> interesting, but I never got to get my hands on it. Would anyone have
> any pointers?

archives git, legal folder?

> > Sorry, but if you do not invest yourself, I am not going to call you
> > everytime I do something. This is not VIA.
> I don't understand why you keep mentioning VIA to me. This is irrelevant
> and out of place.

It is relevant to me.
Spending more time explaining things to people than the time gained on
their possible action is not OK.
This is an adults association. If people are not able to deal like
adults of their personnal issues, so be it, there is no SH.

> > Stop proposing and start acting, then.
> I can't just go ahead and put a big banner on the website saying that
> Apple sucks, simply because I proposed something and nobody replied. I

Well, first, you can. And then, it would be just stupid and childish.

> don't have admin access to ban people from IRC, the mailing lists or
> git, and even if I did, it would be a poor idea to do it on my own.

Did you try to get admin access?
People get admin and moderation access on the wiki, on the forum and on
the trac because they actually do things there. The best guy on the
forum is not even a developer, and yet, he puts all of us to shame in
the way he answers.
People get admin access to the machines because they need it, like today
when ILEoo got access to jones.
People get admin access on the git because they helped managing it. How
many times did we had to split a repository of git and asked on IRC?
People get access to the mailing lists because they offered to help for
the moderation.

Getting admin access to anything is not a right, or a privilege: it is a
logical consequence of their actions.

> I don't categorize what's the job of the non-profit or not. It remains

I do. The non-profit does a lot and you cannot attack its actions without
me answering and defending our actions.

> > Because, if you did, you would have seen that many people expressed
> > themselves and a lot of them are disgusted by the childness of the
> > matter. Even on the public IRC channel more than 4 people express
> > themselves.
> There are 200+ people on IRC so 4 is not a big number either.

Lurkers do not count.

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