[vlc-devel] Adding an alternative cache key for art

Pierre Ynard linkfanel at yahoo.fr
Wed May 30 01:39:33 CEST 2012

> The current art fetcher behaviour:
> - Tests if art is in cache using album & arturl || title && arturl
> This always fail for items without arturl (DVB channels, streams
> playlist, ...)

So it means that the same file from the same URL needs to be cached
different times for different items? What's the logic behind that?

> - Retrieves the arturl from lua scripts logic (musicbrainz, google
> image, ...)
> - Now the arturl is known, it checks if its hash is in cache
> - Otherwise download art

Does it modify the input item to fill the arturl field?

> So, we always run the pool of art scripts, although we already
> downloaded and cached the art, just because we didn't knew the url
> earlier.

Maybe the script could be run to fill the arturl field just once, when
the item is loaded into the playlist? Following that approach this looks
more like a problem of lifetime and storage of input items with added
information, relating to *cough* playlist management *cough* media
library *cough*

Pierre Ynard
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