[vlc-devel] Adding an alternative cache key for art

Francois Cartegnie fcvlcdev at free.fr
Wed May 30 12:51:52 CEST 2012

Le 30/05/2012 01:39, Pierre Ynard a écrit :
>> The current art fetcher behaviour:
>> - Tests if art is in cache using album & arturl || title && arturl
>> This always fail for items without arturl (DVB channels, streams
>> playlist, ...)
> So it means that the same file from the same URL needs to be cached
> different times for different items? What's the logic behind that?

I'll call the item hash uuid from now.
Well, if you set the arbitrary uuid, it means the resource is likely to
be a non-default art.

We can also set up an indirection to the cache hash instead.
--------c8c4bf5cc400facf7f59428345e3d2ea (could be a symlink)
          (contains 8848fe9815d52e78a10082919565d50d)
------8848fe9815d52e78a10082919565d50d (contains cached content)

> Does it modify the input item to fill the arturl field?

Scripts fills meta & arturl field.

> Maybe the script could be run to fill the arturl field just once, when
> the item is loaded into the playlist? Following that approach this looks

Well, that doesn't solve the problem.
Current behaviour runs script once when it finds arturl. But that
fetched data is lost through sessions. That's why we need a 'database'
like to lookup cached data without the need to rerun scripts.


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