[vlc-devel] Open vlc on a given position with a given size

jean romier jean.romier at planar.com
Wed Nov 7 18:57:52 CET 2012


I'm Jean Romier and I'm working for the PLANAR company. 
We manufacture images walls on which we display images, video, applications, ..

For several customers, we need to open severals windows of VLC which have 
different sizes and differents corrdinates on the wall
(the wall can be see as a big big computer screen).

The issue I have, is that all VLC windows are opened at the same position, with 
the same size (the position and size of the last closed window).

I tried the command line options '--video-x=XXX --video-y=YYY --width=WWW --
height=HHH' that worked with an older version of VLC, 
but are not working with the last version (2.0.4 for windows).

I seen that it exists a file named 'vlc-qt-interface.ini' wich is overwrited 
each time a VLC window is closed,
and I think that the line 'geometry=...' must contain these information.

If it's true, could you please give me the format of this line. 
I could update this file before launching a new VLC process.

If a simple solution exists, could you please give me some information.

many thanks

Kind regards

Jean Romier

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