[vlc-devel] Newbie Help

Alex Johnson tempestunfolding at gmail.com
Fri Nov 16 17:19:29 CET 2012

Hey all.
I'm a freshman in college going for my computer science degree. I am by no
means fluent in any programming language, but I am learning and I like to
think I'm a quick learner. I also would like some experience helping on a
project with a team. I have cloned the git and compiled the build. I'm
wondering if it would be possible to get this entire project going in
something like code::block or visual studio. I have only really looked at
individual files and I find that I am lost not being able to see the bigger
picture. Is there an easy way to go about that? If so could someone walk me
through it? Thanks for taking time out to help me out. I'm sure I could be
an asset to your team eventually if not now.
Alexander Johnson
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